Agoraphobia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

These situations cause tension because you worry you won’t be able to get away or locate help in case you begin to feel panicked or produce other disabling or embarrassing signs and symptoms.

In addition:

Fear or tension almost always effects from exposure to the situation

Your worry or tension is out of percentage to the real hazard of the situation

You avoid the scenario, you want a associate to go with you, otherwise you undergo the situation however are extraordinarily distressed

You revel in huge misery or troubles with social conditions, paintings or other areas in your lifestyles because of the fear, tension or avoidance

Your phobia and avoidance commonly lasts six months or longer

Panic ailment and agoraphobia

Some humans have a panic disease similarly to agoraphobia. agoraphobia quiz Panic disorder is a type of tension ailment in which you revel in surprising attacks of excessive worry that reach a top inside a couple of minutes and trigger extreme physical signs and symptoms (panic assaults). You might assume that you’re totally losing manage, having a coronary heart attack or maybe dying.


Fear of every other panic attack can cause avoiding similar situations or the location in which it occurred in an try and save you destiny panic assaults.


Signs and signs and symptoms of a panic attack can encompass:


Rapid heart price

Trouble breathing or a feeling of choking

Chest ache or stress

Lightheadedness or dizziness

Feeling shaky, numb or tingling

Excessive sweating

Sudden flushing or chills

Upset belly or diarrhea

Feeling a lack of manage

Fear of death

When to look a doctor

Agoraphobia can seriously limit your ability to socialise, work, attend vital occasions and even control the details of day by day life, which include strolling errands.


Don’t let agoraphobia make your international smaller. Call your physician if you have signs and symptoms or signs and symptoms listed above.



Biology — consisting of fitness conditions and genetics — temperament, environmental strain and studying experiences may all play a function within the improvement of agoraphobia.


Risk factors

Agoraphobia can start in youth, but typically starts inside the past due teenager or early grownup years — generally earlier than age 35 — but older adults can also broaden it. Women are diagnosed with agoraphobia greater often than men are.


Risk factors for agoraphobia include:


Having panic disorder or different phobias

Responding to panic attacks with immoderate worry and avoidance

Experiencing demanding lifestyles occasions, consisting of abuse, the death of a figure or being attacked

Having an tense or worried temperament

Having a blood relative with agoraphobia


Agoraphobia can substantially restrict your existence’s activities. If your agoraphobia is extreme, you can now not also be capable of leave your private home. Without remedy, a few human beings emerge as housebound for years. You might not be capable of go to with own family and friends, cross to highschool or work, run errands, or take part in other everyday each day sports. You may additionally end up dependent on others for assist.