Auto Loan Rates & Financing

Down fee: The down fee for a used automobile is better than a new car as creditors are willing to lend a most mortgage quantity of handiest half the price of a used vehicle.

The coverage price of a used automobile is better than a brand new car depending on 2 elements – upkeep cost and safety capabilities. The protection value of a used vehicle is higher than a brand new car and the safety capabilities available on a new car is greater compared to a used automobile. Therefore, the coverage premium is better for a used car as compared to a brand new automobile. Similarly, the depreciation of a brand new car is rapid when in comparison to used cars. The depreciation price of a used automobile is relatively lower.


Car loans provide a respite to consumers who want to purchase a automobile of their choice but don’t have enough price range to achieve this. When deciding on a vehicle loan offer, pick one with the lowest hobby price, a appropriate loan tenure, zero processing charge, and flexible reimbursement options. Car loans are to be had for the purchase of maximum makes and models of vehicles inside the passenger and business vehicle segments, ranging from hatchbacks and sedans to Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs). You also can get tax deductions on car loans for business cars.


With the development of latest technology, life is converting faster and so do the Auto Loan Specialist. New facelift variations and new versions are launching quite often making it hard to face up to the temptation for upgrading to the car of latest technology.


These new car fashions complimented with diverse financing schemes presented by way of ICICI Bank Car Loans make it easier to upgrade to the auto of your desire with attractive rate of hobby.

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