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Exam Fees

ASPEQ has a agreement for the national shipping of Flight Crew licensing examinations for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). ASPEQ is responsible for the booking and transport of the examinations through a network of exam websites, whilst CASA is responsible for the provisions of the examinations via their PEXO Exam System.


The costs for the exam service is break up into  components –


CASA Examination Fee

ASPEQ Examination Delivery Fee


When And How To Apply For A Casa Pexo Exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: CASA and ASPEQ PEXO charges are NOT protected in our direction fees for Full Time Ground School or Distance Learning Courses. If you are attending our Full Time Ground School Classes we’ve pre-booked CASA PEXO Exam periods for our students at the quit of every issue. If requested, we are able to ebook your exam in any such sessions for you for your first day in elegance and rate the exams charges for your account. Our pre booked periods imply you do not need to book your own CASA PEXO Exams for subjects you do in magnificence with us. You ought to ebook your own CASA PEXO Exams for any Distance Learning topics you have a look at.


All CASA Flight Crew Examinations are booked through ASPEQ


CASA PEXO Exams used as credit in the direction of CASA flight team licences can only be sat in Australia.


Online ATPL course Before booking any CASA PEXO Exams applicants want to make certain in their eligibility and timing earlier than creating a reserving.


You should make sure you fully apprehend Candidate Responsibilities and you’ve got the desired Pre-needful Qualifications before you ebook an exam.


In particular, distant places college students should word that they need to preserve a CASA CPL(A) or have a skip in all seven parts of the CASA CPL(A) concept examination to fulfill pre needful qualifications for sitting CASA ATPL(A) PEXO Exams.


ASPEQ have a strict policy on refunds and transfers to other sitting dates.


When booking exams candidates have to be privy to the retraining intervals required after examination disasters and make allowances for this. ASPEQ recommend which you do now not e-book for greater than three assessments at a time to ensure there aren’t any switch prices or that exam prices are not forfeited.