Debt collection: know your rights

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


Debt collection

High Volume Debt Collection takes location when lenders and creditors seek fee from clients or corporations who are legally sure to pay or pay off money they owe. Organisations that get better money owed need to be aware of their prison obligations.


Principles of debt collection fairness

Acceptable motives for contacting a debtor

Illegal behaviour whilst contacting a debtor

Working to improve debt series compliance

Read the joint ACCC/ASIC guide

More facts

Principles of debt series fairness

You should treat borrowers and 0.33 events with equity, admire and courtesy. You have to in no way:


harass or coerce them

treat them unconscionably, consisting of by means of taking unfair gain of their vulnerability or incapacity

mislead them about the character in their debt, their prison obligations, or approximately what could take place in the event that they do no longer pay.

You must no longer pursue a person for a debt unless you have reasonable grounds for claiming that they’re liable for the debt.


Acceptable motives for contacting a debtor

You should simplest touch borrowers for an affordable reason. You need to now not contact borrowers extra than is vital.


Some examples of while contacting a debtor is cheap encompass:


giving records approximately the debtor’s account

creating a demand for price

correctly explaining the effects of non-price, consisting of any prison remedies available to the collector or creditor, and any service regulations that can practice inside the case of utilities, which include disconnection of strength