Different Types of Lubricants and their Applications

When Should You Use Oil:

Hinges, bearings, device renovation, and blade sprucing

You want to lubricate something without encountering the resistance that is standard whilst using grease.

You require lubrication however do now not want to disassemble the whole lot, so you wick the oil right into a small area.

Oil must not be used in the following situations:

The machine or component that requires lubrication seems dirty or dusty. Adding synthetic oil to a grimy or compromised region will increase friction or cause the oil to “gum up.” Furthermore, if the floor is not smooth, oils with a lower viscosity will drip or run.


If the floor is moist or will become moist, the oil could be washed away. This is a not unusual misconception due to the fact oil does make matters water-resistant. However, as the oil absorbs the water, its adhesion decreases and the parts that required lubrication in the first region are washed away.


Dry Lubricants

Specific sorts of lubricants, such as silicon, molybdenum, graphite, and PTFE, are found in dry lubricants. These debris have a totally slippery molecular nature, which reduces friction among these surfaces. They are also available in spray form, wherein they are mixed with alcohol, water, or other volatile solvents that evaporate after application.


When Should You Use Dry Lubricant:

Threaded rods, locks, and hinges

Tiny components that cannot be clogged with grease or surrounding surfaces that ought to be saved easy

You need to no longer use a lubricant that draws dirt or dirt.

Surfaces may be subjected to extremely excessive temperatures or pressures. miles oil will start to oxidise if this occurs.

What is lubrication?

Lubrication may be defined because the utility of oily or greasy materials, also known as ‘lubricants’, to be able to lessen friction and permit transferring system components to slip easily beyond each different.


Lubricants shape a movie between the steel surfaces of gadget components to keep away from steel-to-metal touch and to maintain the system walking effectively.

Different kinds of lubrication (manual vs. Computerized lubrication)

Lubrication may be completed manually or routinely.

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