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Screw Dimensions


The chamfer angle on the bottom of the head, referred to as the countersink, buddies with a conical recess in the workpiece so the pinnacle can also rest flush with the workpiece surface. ISO metric countersinks are generally ninety°, while imperial screws typically have a countersink of 82°. Common countersink angles consist of:


Screw Standards

Manufacturers produce screws in each imperial and metric units, and due to their express correspondence with nuts and pretapped holes, the gadgets cannot be mixed. Furthermore, screws are produced with excellent or coarse threads, which might be a designation of the screw’s thread pitch–now not the pleasant of the product. Coarse-thread screws are less liable to galling, thread crossing, and seizing, whilst great-thread screws are less likely to loosen from jostling, and are extra without problems tapped and altered. For screws that reduce their personal threads in a smooth material, there is no need to determine the thread kind.



For imperial sizes, screw producers will provide a delegated number or fractional inch for the measurement of the screw. North American countries comply with this device, called the Unified Thread Standard. Also covered may be a “threads in line with inch” (TPI) depend to be able to imply a route or quality thread.



Types of Screws

Alike to the screw vs. Bolt debate, there are regularly minimal differences among screw kinds. Tornillos estructurales Denominations generally tend to describe the use or function of the screw as regularly as it describes man or woman screw characteristics. Below is an extensive listing of screws which can be readily available from both manufacturers and hardware stores.


Cap screw

Cap screws have a reasonably extensive shoulder for holding fast to an object, however may not be threaded over their complete body length. They are available a diffusion of head patterns, and are designed to be inserted into tapped holes.


Deck screw

Deck screws are a kind of wooden screw that is supposed to collect decking components and materials. They take a seat flush with the workpiece floor. Composite deck screws have a non-helical thread close to the screw head.


Dowel screw

Dowel screws do no longer have a head. Both ends are threaded, albeit in opposite guidelines. They provide a hidden joint among  substrates.