What Is a Meme? 10 Meme Examples

What Is a Meme?

Let’s take a step returned for a 2nd for all you entrepreneurs we lost on the point out of the phrase “meme.” First of all, just to preserve you from sounding ignorant at your next advertising meeting or cocktail birthday celebration, meme is said “meem,” in preference to “meemee” or “mem-ay,” as one anonymous HubSpotter right here has been recognised to mispronounce it.

A meme is quite truly a concept, behavior, or concept that spreads, normally through the net. Memes most generally occur themselves in a visible including a picture or a video, but it is able to additionally take the shape of a link, hashtag, a easy phrase or word (e.G. An intentional misspelling), or even an entire internet site.

Why Memejacking Is Awesome for Marketing

Memejacking for advertising and marketing is beneficial for so many reasons. We’ve touched on a few of these already, however permit’s problematic.

They’re Already Viral

A idea would not precisely get categorized as a meme if it is now not fun, attractive, and wildly famous. That’s why memes are so remarkable for advertising. Rather than growing some thing from scratch and crossing your palms that it “goes viral,” you are leveraging an concept that is already a success.

They Make Great Social Media Fodder

You’re privy to all of the fuss about visual content lately, proper? Visual content is almost made for social media sharing, and due to the fact memes are normally visually oriented, memes they make awesome fodder on your social media bills which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

They Attract Traffic, Likes, and Links

Because memes are so proportion-worth, they are fantastic for generating site visitors and visibility on your social media accounts. Memes appeal to likes, repins, feedback, and shares like loopy — making it much more likely that your social content material will gain traction in social media and unfold.

And whilst memes are used in your very own website/weblog, you may obtain the blessings of site visitors and inbound hyperlinks, too.

They’re Quick and Easy to Create

For inbound entrepreneurs, content material advent is a each day task. Because so much of your advertising and marketing campaigns depend on content (and clean content material, at that), having some smooth-to-create kinds of content material at your disposal is a marketer’s dream come real. Memes offer simply that. They’re easy and usually take little time to create.