What is Product Design and the Product Design Process?

It’s vital to evaluate whether or not there is a strong call for or need for your product earlier than beginning the design and development manner. We often validate this product-marketplace match by using accomplishing what we name consumer research.

User studies

Some strategies for consumer studies encompass:

User interviews. A very commonplace qualitative studies technique that may be carried out in-character or remotely. market research firms Whilst setting up and analysing findings from interviews can be time eating, the benefit of this approach is that you could find insights from direct communique with customers than from surveys alone.

Online surveys. Surveys and questionnaires permit you to obtain a large quantity of quantitative records in a brief quantity of time. Whilst they can be enormously brief and inexpensive to run, the drawback to that is that you can lack deeper insights which you could typically get from in-person interactions.

Contextual inquiry. A approach in that you take a look at people move about their everyday obligations of their natural environment. This lets in you to truely empathise along with your users as it forces you to place yourself of their footwear.

Market studies: Understanding how your competitors method similar issues is a critical component of the product design manner as it allows you to examine from their design styles and mistakes.

User analysis

Once we’ve accumulated the facts from user studies, we frequently synthesise our findings via grouping them into commonplace issues — an exercising which we name Affinity mapping. Affinity mapping permits us to form insights from uncooked data which we are able to then use to tell our choice making.

For the purposes of the workshop, I desired to attention on a applicable subject matter that became having a profound impact on humans these days. Knowing that the recent global pandemic had compelled many humans to do business from home, I become curious to explore what impact this become having on humans operating remotely these days.